Europe, Africa and the Middle East offer unique opportunities for enjoying different cultures in very diverse settings.  Whether in a thriving metropolis or an isolated region, there are unique historical monuments to enjoy & treasure.  As a footnote, we’ve been to almost all European countries (except Poland) and a few that no longer exist (East Germany; Soviet Union), but those trips predate our website.  As we return to our favorites, they’ll undoubtedly join the trips below.

Africa 2000 BCN/Turkey/Egypt '01 Iberia/Morocco '01 Italia 2005 Italia 2006 Iceland 2015

We've also enjoyed the following Europe, Africa & Middle East destinations as part of our "Round The World" travels:  Italy '07     Spain '07     Dubai 11     Greece 11  
Finland 12     Estonia 12     Latvia 12     Lithuania 12     Ukraine 12      Germany 13     Finland 13    South Africa 13
    South Africa 14-15       The Seychelles 15
Mauritius 15    Europe 15     Madrid 15     Prague 15     Africa 15