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After spending time in The Seychelles, we flew to another island nation, Mauritius.  We spent a week on the island with our base being the seaside town of Pereybere located on the northwest corner of the island.  Instead of using local buses, we rented a car so we could drive around the entire island.  It was also a real treat to have our own air-conditioned vehicle as public buses are not air-conditioned.  Mauritius is a hot and humid environment so we went out only in the early mornings and preferred to spend the afternoons in our air-conditioned apartment.  We did have several days of torrential rain where roads flooded so we stayed indoors better safe than sorry!  That being said, we still enjoyed touring this island nation.

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The quaint church at Cap Malheurex
on the northern tip of Mauritius; in
English it's known as "Cape Misfortune".
The English invaded the island here in 1810.

The interior of the church
Lindy standing by the huge
clam shell that holds the holy water
A view of the sea directly beyond the church
A statute of Lord Shiva
at Ganga Talao Lake
Ganga Talao Lake is on a high
plateau in the center of Mauritius
The lake is considered to be holy
by Hindu people; these men
are taking a ritual bath
The tree-lined lane leading to
Alexander Falls
Alexander Falls is located in the
southeast of Mauritius at an
altitude of 700 meters
This nearby cascade is called
"Cascade 500 Pieds"
A view of the island from
Black Gorges National Park
which was founded in the mid-1990's
An unnamed fall at Black
Gorges National Park

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