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            After leaving Mauritius, we spent one night in Johannesburg.  Then, we flew to London and continued on to Helsinki where we stayed one night.  Our good friend, Jukka, met us at The Hilton Airport for an evening cocktail.  Jukka also brought along Molly, his mastiff “lap dog” (she’s adorable and very, very gentle).  It was nice to have an opportunity to catch up “live and in person” rather than via our usual email.  Unfortunately, we were too busy chatting and ultimately have no photographs to share! 

            The balance of our time in Europe (five nights) was spent in Madrid.  We enjoyed several days there before returning home.  Most of this was “R&R” time in anticipation of returning home to a busy schedule – including filing taxes – but we’ve already booked a six night stay in Madrid in October 2015.