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Fishing begins shortly after you board your boat after walking out the Lodge’s 700 foot pier to join your captain and crew.   We fished four days, two with Captain Wilberth and two with Captain Ricardo and his mate, Stefano.  This was our second time for saltwater fly fishing (and only Lindy’s 8th time fly fishing) and we found it to be a great time!  As always, our fishing was only "catch & release."

On our first day, we went near the mouth of the Golfo Dulce after fishing a few hours inshore with no action.  Boy, did we hit pay dirt here!  Captain Wilberth found a floating log and we were able to cast flies to it.  Ed was the star of the day.  He hooked 4 Dorado.  The first one broke the leader during a great leap landing on it and escaped.  However, Ed landed each of the other 3 Dorado, with the largest being ~30 lbs!  This was done on a 9 wt. rods with 15 lb. test tippet.  The ~30 lb. monster actually broke Ed’s rod but he was still able to land the beauty after a fight of some 58 minutes!  What a great first day and all boated Dorado were released unharmed.  At the bar that evening, we celebrated Ed’s 1st Dorado on the fly!  A neat event to add to some 50+ years of fly fishing!!

On our second day of fishing, we went out to the blue water with Captain Ricardo and mate, Stefano.  Using the “bait & switch” technique with teasers, we caught 4 Dorado to 25 lbs., 2 Yellow Fin Tuna (4-6 lbs.), 1 Skipjack Tuna (4-6 lbs.) and 2 more Tuna where we brought in the heads only (Dorado ate off the bodies).  Today it was Lindy’s turn to get her 1st and 2nd Dorado on the fly!  We also had 1 rise from a sailfish and cast the fly to it but it didn’t take.

The next day, we again went out with Captain Ricardo.  We caught 2 Dorado to 30 lbs. (Lindy's biggest fish ever on a fly rod!), several small Rainbow Runners and lost count of the Yellow Fin Tuna (~25) to 8 lbs.  Outstanding and exhausting fishing!!  We had another rise from a sailfish.  This time it seemed to take the fly but no hookup.  However, we knew that sailfish run in February and March so catching one of them in November on the fly would be a near impossible feat (but you have to try when you see one!).

Our final day of fishing was spent inshore with Captain Wilberth in search of the elusive Roosterfish.  No luck at fishing but we saw some beautiful scenery along the coasts and beaches in the area.

In summary, a great time!  The Dorado are terrific fighters and quite the challenge to land on a fly rod.  Also, the numerous other fish caught (Yellow Fin, Jacks, Rainbow Runners) all provided lots of fun and again were firsts on the fly rod.  We definitely had a wonderful fishing experience.

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croc1 004.jpg (14150 bytes)

Ed's 1st Dorado on the fly!

croc2 001.jpg (14502 bytes) Ed with a 30lb.+ beauty!

This fish took 58 minutes to land & was the
one that actually broke Ed's 9wt. rod
croc2 003.jpg (10718 bytes) One of those great fighting tuna
croc2 004.jpg (12695 bytes) Lindy & Stefano showing off a 30lb. hunk!
croc1 006.jpg (11079 bytes) Ed's Dorado caught "in flight"

As many as 10 leaps is not uncommon
 during the battle

croc1 007.jpg (13472 bytes) Ed , Captain Ricardo & Stefano
with Ed's terrific fighter!

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