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Saturday, 8 November
            American Airlines – Albuquerque/DFW
                          Flight 3922 – 12:02P-2:46P
            American Airlines – DFW/San Jose, Costa Rica
                          Flight 2165 – 5:20P-921P

            Overnight:         Resort Martino
                                    San Jose
                                    Tel:  1-866-272-7477 (toll free)

Sunday, 9 November
            Charter Flight (via TravelAir) to Puerto Jimenez (11:00A);
            Ground transfer to Crocodile Bay Lodge

Sunday, 9 November - Friday, 15 November
            Crocodile Bay Lodge
            Osa Penisula, Costa Rica
                        Contact:  1-800-733-1115
                        U.S. office in Novato, CA; representative, David
                        Kanski, can reach the Lodge in emergency;
                        OR direct to lodge:  011-506-735-5631

Friday, 15 November
            Ground transfer to Puerto Jimenez;
            Charter Flight (via TravelAir) to San Jose (12:00P);
            Ground transfer to hotel

            Overnight:         Hotel Herradura
                                    San Jose
                                    Tel:  011-506-293-2713

Saturday, 16 November
            Do to an oversold flight, we elected to stay in San Jose for an additional night as guests of American Airlines.  Can’t beat spending some additional time in a great spot, esp. when AA covers lodging expenses & all meals.  Of course, they also paid us each $500 so no complaints on our part (we actually volunteer for these paid lay-overs).  We can now highly recommend the Residencias de Golf.

Sunday, 17 November
            American Airlines – San Jose/DFW
                         Flight 2166 – 9:56A-2:13P
            American Airlines – DFW/Albuquerque
                          Flight 2055 – 3:40P-4:39P