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Fly fishing in Alaska puts you in one of the premier settings in the world.  Not only is there incredible fishing but the scenery and wildlife are unbelievable.  We ultimately selected two excellent lodges Unalakleet River Lodge and No See Um Lodge.  

Before sharing our experiences at the individual lodges, we wanted to point out three things we consistently do at any fishing lodge.  First, we fish with only barbless, single hooks and we practice only catch & release fishing.  Next, we rarely handle the fish ourselves.  Our guides have much more experience and they can ensure that handling is minimized so that the fish can be successfully released to be caught another day.  Lastly, we ask our guides to fish with us.  Its a great way to learn and it also adds to the fun.  We all get a chance to enjoy the day and have some fun photographs and memories.

Unalakleet No See Um Lodge