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We spent six nights in Bangkok beginning Tuesday, 5 November through Sunday, 10 November.  We always love to visit this city with its beautiful temples and warm, welcoming people.  We stayed at the Holiday Inn Silom where we always enjoy the hospitality offered at the Executive Floor.  Most of our time was spent relaxing and shopping at various high-rise malls.  However, we did visit one beautiful temple, Wat Yannawa. 

            Wat Yannawa:  Wat Yannawa is located in an urban area near Chinatown.  It’s most recognized symbol is a “Wiharn” (a place which holds an important image of Buddha) in the shape of a Chinese junk.  It was built during the reign of King Rama III who saw steam ships replacing junks and he wanted the country to remember that the old boats helped bring much prosperity to Thailand.  Two “chedi” (pagodas) represent the masts of the ship and the altar is in the wheel house on the rear upper deck.  Wat Yannawa is one of the few temples with signage in Thai, English and Chinese. 

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Once we enter Wat Yannawa, we
encountered the Wiharn in the
shape of a Chinese junk (boat)

The Temple buildings to the
right when looking at the Wiharn
A close-up of the building's
beautiful roof lines
These Temple buildings are on the
left when looking at the Wiharn
Looking back at the entry gate of
Wat Yannawa, you get the true
glimpse of old & new co-inhabitating
the city of Bangkok
An exterior altar in the Temple complex
A beautiful interior altar in the Temple

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