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We spent the 4th of July holiday with family in Los Angeles.  We arrived on 1 July and had a lovely dinner with Rich & Brenda.  The following day we enjoyed exploring the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley.  It has a great collection of memorabilia and it definitely put us in a patriotic mood!  The balance of the weekend was spent enjoying time not only with Rich & Brenda but also with Kyle, Cheryl & Storey.  Our Fourth of July feast had an Italian-American theme…. Home-made Pizza (including the dough and tomato sauce) on the BBQ!  All and all, we had a wonderful time and it was great to spend time with family – you can never get enough of that!  We’ll be looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!

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Rich & Ed outside the
Ronald Reagan Library
A bronze of President Reagan
"Are you better off than
you were four years ago?"
(A good question to ask today!)
Rich & President Reagan
enjoying a horseback ride
The team coaxing the
Pastamatic to produce
It's starting to make
some fettuccine
Hey, Rich & Brenda are
pros now
Kyle & Storey enjoying
the Fourth of July
Storey is dressed for the holiday!
Storey helping Uncle Ed
roll-out the pizza dough
A great family shot!
Aunt Lindy & Uncle Ed with
Storey (note Storey's baby
photographs are over Lindy's shoulder)
Another great family shot!!

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